Monday, August 30, 2010

Time for Thanh Phong

Thanh Phong
Shop 7, 240 Victoria St, Richmond

With a craving for Vietnamese food, Bun and I headed to Victoria St. With a plethora of Vietnamese restaurants to choose from, and being the lazy people that we are, we decided simply to walk into the one closest to where we parked the car. Thanh Phong it was. A waiter zipped through the tables, frisbeeing dishes off to customers, and greeted us at the door with a cheery, toothless grin. We took one of the last free tables, and were quickly handed menus.

Rice paper rolls with pork and prawn

We started with pork and prawn rice paper rolls. Wrapped in crispy lettuce and dunked into the sweet peanutty dipping sauce, the rolls were a light and refreshing start to lunch.

Broken rice with shredded pork and pork chop

Bun's broken rice was one of the better versions we've tried. Although slightly smaller portioned, the aromatic grilled pork and the garlicky shredded pork skin made every mouthful an increasingly eager one.

Combination Vietnamese Pancake

My Vietnamese pancake was a mammoth sized parcel. Bulging at the sides with fresh bean shoots and juicy prawns, and doused in fish sauce, this was a crunchy/salty/sourish/sweet/awesome cake of pan. I was already full less than halfway through it, but I kept eating. Just one more bite, just one more... and then it was gone.

Thanh Phong ticked all the right boxes. Tasty, cheap and quick Vietnamese food. Friendly and efficient service, and a casual atmosphere. The frontage doesn't particularly stand out, so keep an eye out for a bluish/green sign when trolling the street.

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