Sunday, August 29, 2010

Liar Liar pants on fire

Liar Liar
90 Kinkora Rd, Hawthorn

Saturday morning brunch was at Liar Liar, a busy little cafe just off Glenferrie Rd. Walk in the door, and your senses are assaulted by the pleasant aroma of espresso. We sat at a large communal table, surrounded by trendy Hawthorners and young families doing the after-morning-sport food run.

French Toast
Big Fat Liar

I got the french toast with poached plums, mascarpone and maple syrup; Bun got the Big Fat Liar - the in house big breakfast combo. My french toast was a three tier mountain of sweet sweet heaven. One bite combined crunchy bread with gooey warm syrup, tart sour plum and creamy mascarpone - a taste explosion that drove me into the ultimate food euphoria. Bun's big breakfast included a few welcome variations to the traditional big breakfast get up. A chunky tomato relish, herby continental sausages, and juicy firm mushrooms kicked the gourmet-ness into overdrive.

Banana Chai Smoothie & Latte

Bun's latte, although aesthetically pleasing to the eyeball, could've been a little hotter, and my banana chai smoothie could've been cooler. Aside from these temperature mishaps, Liar Liar is a true testament to what a standout cafe should be.

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