Sunday, August 29, 2010

Little cups of cake

Little Cupcakes
Shop 7, Degraves St, Melbourne

Everybody loves cupcakes. Now imagine this - fitting 10 cupcakes into your mouth at once. This is the type of super human feat Little Cupcakes allows you to achieve. This cosy store churns out freshly baked handmade treats to the hordes of customers it attracts everyday.

After waiting patiently in line, it was finally my turn to choose from an assortment of tiny (and not so tiny delights). A mini cupcake (roughly a quarter of the size of a standard) will cost you $2, and a standard size between $4 - $4.20 each. I couldn't decide on one mini cupcake, so I got five...

From the top: Rasberry White Choc, Cookies and Cream, Mint Choc, Cream Cheese Choc, and Belgian Choc

Rasberry White Choc was the best. Buttery, melt in your mouth icing, with a moist cake base. Mint Choc came a close second, which is surprising considering I usually think all mint sweets taste like toothpaste. In this case however, the mint icing was light and delicate and paired well with the crunchy malteaser on top. I'd happily brush my teeth with it everyday.

So if you're ever down this end of the city, make sure to visit this little treasure cave and shove one (or five) of these delights into your mouth, and be on your merry way.

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