Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A view on Vue

Café Vue
430 Little Collins St, Melbourne

For those of us who can't afford to blow a week's wage on a meal at Vue de Monde (Shannon Bennett's 3 hatted restaurant), there is Cafe Vue - the little, little sibling of the aforementioned gem of a dining experience.
Attached to the side of Vue de Monde, Cafe Vue offers quick lunch & breakfast meals, quality coffee, and a selection of desserts for the every day suits who frequent the area.

Bun and I arrived a little before noon, and as such, the kitchen was not yet serving hot lunch meals. To pass the time we ordered some macarons, and by some I mean a box... and a box comes with 6.

From top left: Orange, Pistachio, Raspberry, Passionfruit, Mocha, Vanilla

Having recently tasted what I believe to be one of the finest examples of macarons at EARL Canteen, we were excited to evaluate these ones as they were coming from a French establishment. The macarons were a little larger than one's we'd sampled elsewhere, and the consistency was varied between the different flavours, but overall, it was a dignified batch. My favourite was the Pistachio, and Bun's was the Raspberry. The best macarons from this batch had a crispy shell and a chewy/airy interior. Perfect.

For our post dessert main I got the 'Vue Burger with French Fries' and Bun had the 'Chicken & Poccini Mushroom Pie'.

Vue Burger

My burger, although I thought it initially small, turned out to be quite hearty and packed much more flavour than your eyes would have you believe. The patty was seasoned beautifully with herby & peppery elements. The other fillings (rocket, cheese, bacon, beetroot) all came together very nicely in the mouth and worked well with the aioli-ish sauce. The french fries were unfortunately nothing special, and at times a little too salty.

Chicken and Porcini Mushroom Pie

Bun thought her pie was pretty crap. Oversized chunks of chicken, minimal mushrooms, and a grainy sauce that looked like cement - not what Bun had hoped for. The pie lacked any discernible flavour, and would fail in a pie-off against her school tuckshop's famous chicken and & veg pie. (She goes to pie-offs all the time so she would know).

The menu selection is limited, but the place is definitely worth checking out. Also there are macarons, so what other reason do you need?

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