Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Miso Hungry

Eat Drink Bento
115 Hardware St, Melbourne

A Bento Box. The traditional Japanese lunchbox. They usually have little dividers inside with each different food kept in its own little compartment, so that it doesn't catch cooties off its neighbours. Eat Drink Bento have many a la carte items on their menu, but are best known for their bento boxes.

All bento boxes come with miso soup, house entree on mixed salad, steamed rice or cold soba noodles, and a house dessert. Miso soup was brought out first. It was yummmmmeh. The bowls arrived steaming at our table with cubes of tofu, wakame (seaweed) and scallions floating lazily inside. With just the right amount of salt, this delicate, mellow broth whetted our appetites perfectly.

Miso Soup

The accompaniments to our main were much more than mere accompaniments. Tempura sushi on a bed of greens, steamed rice with a sprinkling of sesame seeds, and white chocolate cake (from bakery de Coles). Each section of the bento were an impressive dish on their own.

Seafood and vegetable tempura bento
Bun got the 'seafood and vegetable tempura' and I got the 'wafu steak' bento box.
The tempura was the best he's tried. The batter was hot and crispy, and gave him the satisfaction of eating fried food without the excess oil. Also, the amount of seafood in his bento was generous for the price.Two prawns, a giant scallop, three pieces of fish, and an assortment of vegetables (including broccoli which was surprisingly nice).

Wafu steak bento

My wafu steak was cooked medium rare, drizzled with a peppery sesame sauce and sat on mountain of crunchy salad. Every piece was juicy and oh so tender.

Definitely one of the best bento boxes we've ever had.
私のボールを吸う!!!!!!    (o^_^o)

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