Saturday, December 4, 2010

Porgie + Mr. Awesome

Porgie + Mr Jones
291 Auburn Rd,

We have been meaning to check this place out for a while now. Truth is, we don't know why it's taken us this long to come here, considering it is right in our area. But boy, are we glad we finally made the trip to P+MJ.

This delightful cafe is located on Auburn Rd in Hawthorn and features three rooms and a courtyard. Everything about this place seemed to click; and from the moment you walk in you know you are in a happy place. The cafe is upbeat, homely & friendly. The staff know when you enter, and make you feel welcome before you've even had a chance to take in your surroundings (which are pretty awesome).

The vibrant feel of the place is tied into every aspect of the cafe. From the floors to the ceiling and everything in between, you could tell the owners had an image to convey and they pulled it off with charm. Blackboad-like walls complete with cute messages scribbled in chalk, and an array of artwork (which you can purchase) throughout the establishment gave it its own life. Did I mention the whole place smelt like roasting cawfee? Double points.


I ordered a latte to start. Velvety smooth with a hint of bitterness. This is one of the better coffees I've had in a while. My P+MJ - poached eggs, bacon, slow roasted tomato, avocado and thyme buttered mushrooms all piled on slabs of sourdough was merry-making in the mouth. The bacon was crispy and very flavoursome. The buttery bread served as the perfect base to pile on all the other elements of the dish.

summer fruits

Bun's Summer fruit dish consisted of fresh watermelon, strawberries, passion fruit, kiwi, blueberries and cherries with yoghurt, rose water, honey and oat crumble was the best fruit ensemble she has ever had. The rose water added a delicate layer of extra sweetness to the fruits, whilst the oats added a satisfying crunch. As I write this, Bun is declaring how she would happily eat nothing but that dish for a week.

Flawless staff, outstanding coffee, delicious food, and all in a great looking place. What more can you ask for in a cafe? Porgie + Mr. Jones is a standout establishment and definitely one of our favourite places of all time.

Addit: "We make everything in our kitchens using as much organic, free range happy and local produce as financially and commercially possible". We have all the excuses we need to make multiple trips back in the future. Not that we need any.

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